The gastronomic industry today

We are facing a panorama of adversity, but also of opportunities. Never before have we had so many options in our hands to create and design businesses around food and to try products from other parts of the world. From showing the world culinary possibilities with a YouTube video to flavor fusion trends never seen before in kitchens with four wheels.


But with opportunities come challenges. As human beings consume and create, they also waste. Those who succeed in the gastronomic industry will have to look not only at the quality of what they produce but also at how they produce it and how they reuse the raw material.


The IQ GASTRONOMIC SUMMIT was born from the pre-COVID event IQ GASTRONOMIC FESTIVAL and addresses not only the culinary arts but the gastronomic industry in general, the obstacles and opportunities of a global world, and the trends that have been presented.


As a result of the event, the IQ GASTRONOMIC SOCIAL social community was also born where professionals and businesses can communicate and connect for free and publicize their news.


At the request of speakers and attendees, the IQ GASTRONOMIC platform is also transformed to accommodate the IQ GASTRONOMIC LEARNING, which will soon come with a platform for courses in the gastronomic sector, from marketing to cooking.

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This is how the

IQ Gastronomic Summit was born

Following the success of the International Gastronomic Festival that took place in Orlando in November 2019, the IQ Gastronomic Festival has become the IQ Gastronomic Summit for professionals and food lovers internationally.


Founded by Ivaneska Calixto from IQ Social Business with the support of Juliana No from Stand Out Consulting, the IQ Gastronomic Summit is committed to educating the global culinary and food sector in an economy that is transforming this industry.


In the wake of COVID-19 and with climate change, the food and hospitality industry is undergoing unprecedented change. In our spirit to educate, help, delight and share, this Summit will be held free of charge for everyone to access and spread knowledge about new techniques, initiatives and opportunities for those in the sector.


What makes us really different and the first truly international gastronomic summit is that this summit is free, giving access to anyone who wants to obtain knowledge without taking into account the economic differences of each country. Another aspect that makes us different apart from the language is that attendees will have access to the videos throughout the day and will be able to access them without limitation of time or time slot in which they are since they will be available for replay for a little more than 24 hours. This makes us truly international and inclusive of all foodies.

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Ivaneska Calixto is the creator of the IQ GASTRONOMIC SUMMIT and the IQ Gastronomic Festival.

Additionally, she is the CEO of IQ Social Business , an event marketing and production company with a concentration in gastronomy. She is also the creator of various online courses, a brand consultant and one of the founders of Hispanic Women Leaders .

Juliana No is co-organizer of the Festival and Summit. She is the CEO of Stand Out Consulting , a marketing and business consulting company with a strong specialization in public relations and digital communication. Juliana is also an influencer, a media person with the Mujeres Maravillosas program , part of Haciendo Negocios magazine and one of the founders of Hispanic Women Leaders .


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